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Syncing Playlists

SuperSync helps you sync your playlists from one library to another.

To get a playlist from a remote library, that library must be open in SuperSync as a Remote Library. Remote libraries that support playlists are SuperSync Networked Libraries.

First, make sure that you see the Playlists in the left hand SuperSync Tree. Under the Controls menu, you can make sure that Show Playlists is checked.

Color coding is used to help identify Remote, Local, and Synchronized Playlists.

Blue Playlists , Smart Playlists , and Folders are only on the remote library.

Gray Playlists , Smart Playlists , and Folders are only on your local iTunes library.

Green Playlists , Smart Playlists , and Folders are in both libraries.

Select a playlist and you'll see the tracks that are in the playlist.

The three buttons in the upper right are used to synchronize tracks and playlists:


Use the "Get" button (or action) on a Blue (Remote) playlist to get it from the remote and copy it to your Local (iTunes) library. Any tracks that are needed will be downloaded first.


Use the "Put" button (or action) on a Gray (Local) playlist to put a copy on the remote library. The remote library must be another networked SuperSync library. Putting is not allowed on "read-only" libraries such as iOS devices. Putting a playlist to a Remote SuperSync library requires that the upload settings on that machine are set to allow track uploads.


The Sync button acts as a "Put" on local unsynchronized tracks, and acts as a "Get" on Blue remote tracks. It is the equivalent of pressing the Get and Put buttons and is a handy way to copy any unsynchronized track.

If you are replacing the contents of a Playlist that already exists, you will be asked if you want to do so. Always read the "Are you sure..." warnings carefully. If you are not sure, say no!


Synchronizing Smart Playlists

Syncing Smart Playlists is covered in the next section.

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