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Network Troubleshooting

SuperSync includes a client and server that lets two copies of SuperSync communicate over a properly configured network.

To connect to another SuperSync server on your LAN, usually you'll simply select Remote Menu -> Connect to LAN server submenu and choose the SuperSync you wish to connect to. To connect to a SuperSync on the Internet (WAN) you'd use the Remote Menu-> Connect to Server... and enter the IP/host address of the server you're connecting to. If you are having problems, here are some things to check.

Check that Server is enabled and running

The SuperSync server can be checked by selecting "Server Status" in the Status menu. The words "Server Running" should be visible. If the server is not running, make sure to enable it from the network preferences.

Check firewall on both computers

SuperSync's built-in client/server will cause most firewalls to warn you about a possible security alert. You'll need to allow network traffic for SuperSync. Some computers can have multiple firewalls.

Mac users, the default firewall settings can be changed by Opening Control Panels, selecting the Security Control Panel, then clicking on the Firewall tab. You can manually add SuperSync as an application to allow communication.

Check that the network is compatible

Determine the IP addresses of both computers running SuperSync

If you're on a LAN, both machines should be on the same subnet, which usually means both machines should have the first 3 groups of numbers the same on both IP addresses. (example and Manually entering the IP address of the server you want to connect to into the Connect to server.. dialog may help. Use the Tools: Check My IP Address... to determine the IP address(es) of both machines.

If you are attempting to connect to a wireless SuperSync from a wired SuperSync, this can sometimes not be possible. Try making both machines wired or or both wireless. (This issue is related to the issue above - where your machines will be on separate local networks that are separate.)

Still Stuck?

If you're still having problems, let us know.. Usually SuperSync can talk to other SuperSync computers on the same network without a problem. But if there are errors, we'd like to know so we can help improve everyone's experience. To submit a request for help, use the Tools Menu- Include the IP address of the other machine you are connecting to and what error message you see.

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