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  • License Questions

    Can I buy a multi-pak license and mix and match between Mac and PC?

    Yes! Mac and PC SuperSync work well together and you can choose to install a license on either platform. SuperSync comes with license codes for 5 computers and they can used in any combination (Mac or PC). If you have less than 5 computers, you can save the extra codes or give them away to your friends. Just keep track of which license goes with which computer.

    If, for instance, I buy a 5-pak, and later buy more licenses, can all licenses talk to each other?

    Yes. The licenses are not paired to each other--any valid license can talk to any other unique valid license.

    I paid for SuperSync, how do I register?

    Go to the Tools menu and select "Register SuperSync". Enter any name you wish, and one of your registration codes that you should have received via email. Click OK to register your copy of SuperSync. Use one code per computer that you are running SuperSync on.

    I paid for SuperSync. Can you resend my registration codes?

    Click here to get your reg codes resent. If that doesn't work, please contact us and include how you bought SuperSync and the email(s) you want your codes sent to.

    How can I change the license SuperSync uses?

    1. Under the tools menu, select "Open Settings Directory" 2. This should show your settings directory under Finder or Windows Explorer 3. Delete the "license" file 4. Restart SuperSync--you will be prompted to enter a new license code

    I have two (or more) accounts on one computer. How many licenses do I need?

    One license per computer (Mac or PC.) Multiple accounts can share the same copy of the software and license.

    Do I need a license for importing iPhones, iPods, and iPads?

    No, just one license per computer. SuperSync can access your iOS devices, but we don't install software on them.

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