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IP Addresses

IP addresses are used to communicate on a network. They can be represented in host name form (, or or by the IP4 standard of 4 numbers 0..255 separated by dots, (

Two types of IP addresses are common -- NAT addresses that are only available from inside a firewall or router. This is the most common for home users. For simplicity, a NAT address starts with 192. or 10.

Use the Tools-> Check my IP address menu to get more information about your IP address and whether it is accessible. Use the "Test Connection" button to determine if your server is accessible over the Internet (WAN Access). The test Connection will go to our server (when available) and see if your library is available online. We don't actually connect or log in - we just do a simple ping that lets us know whether or not you're likely to be able to have others log on to your server from outside of the firewall. The availability of this feature is subject to availability and may become disabled at a future time.

More information about using SuperSync on the Internet (WAN).

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