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Explore your Music

  • Search the web for lyrics to any song in your library
  • Show music videos other YouTube content for any track
  • Browse for new music on iTunes and Amazon
  • And much more--all with a single keystroke

SuperSync lets you find out about your music with the touch of a function key or from the web search action.

  1. iTunes Store - Shop for more from this artist
  2. Amazon - Shop Amazon for music downloads, merchandise and more
  3. Google Music - Performs a google search tailored for music results
  4. LyricsWikia - See lyrics for a particular track
  5. YouTube - Searches for music videos and concert footage
  6. Wikipedia - Searches wikipedia for information about a title
  7. lastFM - A music recommendation service
  8. Pandora - A music discovery service
  9. Rhapsody - A subscription music service
  10. MusicBrains - A open community for music meta data

For example, to get the lyrics of a song selected in SuperSync, simply hit the F4 key on the top of your keyboard and if lyrics are found, they'll be displayed in your web browser.

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