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SuperSync has a trash function for permanently deleting tracks.

To delete a track, first select the track or a group of tracks and then select the 'Put In Trash' command from SuperSync's Action menu. This will put the tracks in SuperSync's trash.

Tip: You may remove files from the trash by selecting the files and choosing "Remove from Trash".

Important! Remember to use care when using this feature. Blue tracks are tracks on the remote system. Gray tracks are your local tracks. Green tracks usually mean local synchronized but changing the Source in the Filter Tree can allow you to view the remote synchronized files. Use care so that you do not delete tracks by mistake!

To view the file path of the files you are deleting, use the "Get Info" command on the track, or enable viewing the File Path in the View Settings.

Once you are certain that the files marked for deleting should be permanently deleted, select Empty Trash command from SuperSync's Action menu. The tracks will then be added to the delete queue for iTunes and server updates.

iTunes Match Users

If you're using iTunes Match, Apple has made some changes to iTunes that makes it harder to delete tracks that are "also on the cloud".

If you're attempting to delete a track that is on the iCloud, SuperSync uses a 2-step process for you to delete it. Local iTunes Tracks will be marked for delete by unchecking them in iTunes. From there, you'll need to sort by "checked" and then delete them in iTunes. Paying special attention to the checkmark that asks if you want to Also delete the files from iCloud. This is covered in more detail in the cloud help.


Carefully read the warning about what you are deleting before confirming the empty trash operation .

You may delete tracks that are on files on local machine or you can delete tracks on a Remote Library if that other computer has the 'Allow remote users to put tracks in trash' and 'Allow remote users to empty trash' preferences enabled (in SuperSync's Preference Window in the Upload tab).

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