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  • iTunes Specific Questions

    Does SuperSync work with iTunes?

    Yes, SuperSync and iTunes go hand in hand. (But using iTunes is not required.) SuperSync can keep your iTunes library up to date. When you add songs from another library, they will be added to iTunes. You can also listen to SuperSync music from any iTunes when the SuperSync server is enabled. iTunes specific features such as playlists, ratings, and played counts are also transferable.

    How are played counts, ratings, and other iTunes meta data synched?

    Currently SuperSync copies your ratings from one library to the other when the song is copied. So if you have a 5-star song on library A and use SuperSync to transfer the song to library B, the rating should get set in iTunes. (If not, see about checking your iTunes status further down...) Once the song exists in both libraries, the meta data will not stay "in sync" -- so that the played count will increment in each library independently. If a song is initially sync'd as a 5 star rated song, and it is changed to a 3-star in one library, you can update the meta data on one library to bring it back up to date.

    Can I use SuperSync to modify tags or fill in missing information?

    You can update meta data if the tracks have been modified, using the update meta data feature. However, SuperSync does not locate missing meta data for you.

    Can I connect to an iTunes server directly using SuperSync?

    No. SuperSync only lets you copy or play music from other copies of SuperSync. But as long as both iTunes and SuperSync are running, you can connect to that machine from the WAN and/or LAN.

    What about iTunes authorized music and DRM?

    SuperSync does not bypass DRM (Digital Rights Management). All music purchased through the iTunes store must be played using iTunes on an authorized computer. SuperSync just lets you copy your music and videos from one iTunes location to another.

    My iTunes does not get updated when new music is added via SuperSync. What can I check?

    SuperSync should update your iTunes when new music is added, if you've set iTunes as your local library. Here are some things to check: Select menu Tools -> Check iTunes Connection should return a "working" result. If not, make sure iTunes is running and that it is functional. Any error message that includes a reference to ScriptingAdditions usually means you (or one of your Applications) has installed a Scripting Addition that is breaking "osascript". Go to /Library/ScriptingAdditions/ and/or ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/, and temporarily move all files out to the desktop or other location. Retry SuperSync and see if that fixes things. If you get a strange error message about osascript "just leaking", this could be a problem with Logitech's Control Center. Use the same procedure as the last paragraph to remove the Control Center Scripting Addition. Select menu File -> Local Library Setup, the library type should be set to "Synchronize with iTunes." Menu File -> Pause iTunes Updates should be unchecked. Select menu File -> Show Debug Window and click on the iTunes check box. Retry. If you still have problems, use the "Send Suggestion/Bug Report" from the Tools menu and send us as much information and error messages as possible.

    I'm using iTunes music that points to a network hard drive.. can SuperSync help me keep my iTunes up to date?

    Yes. This is covered in more detail in the manual, under the section Using SuperSync with a NAS. An additional note: To make sure your NAS is always available, make an OS-X Alias (or Windows shortcut) of your iTunes application and save it on your NAS. Then use that alias to start iTunes.

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