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To keep the cost of SuperSync low, we are unable to provide free technical support for this product. SuperSync is sold "as is" and "try before you buy" with a 30-day refund policy. We do have some paid support options if you need extra help. Please try SuperSync before buying and make sure the product works by syncing 20 or so tracks and make sure they appear on the other library as expected.

SuperSync 7.0

SuperSync 7 is a major upgrade from version 6. If you expereience any problems, please feel free to drop a line to supersync [at] gmail dot com and we'll try to repsond as soon as possible.

We have not updated all of the documentation to reflect the big change of "iTunes" is now "Music". Most of the time, instructions referencing "iTunes" is the same for "Music" users.

Resend Serial Numbers

Paid for SuperSync but didn't get your codes or you misplaced them? No problem. SuperSync uses the email associated with your PayPal or Kagi account.

To resend your serial numbers, click here. If your serial number is more than 4 years old, it will not work with the latest SuperSync. You may need a (lower-cost) upgrade, which you can do from the SuperSync Tools menu.

If you the above form does not work, or you no longer have access to the email account, drop us a note with your email used to purchase SuperSync, name, and any alternate email address you want the codes sent to.

Contact Support

Sorry,we no longer offer any (free) support. By keeping our price $30, lots of people can use our software.. but at that price we can't afford to offer much personalized service. With the advent of cloud-based media services, SuperSync is becoming more of a niche market.

Common problems

iTunes 12 added a feature where you need to enable 3rd party access to your iTunes music library. Enable that by Opening iTunes, Edit Menu:Preferences, Advanced Tab: Check "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications"

QNAP users must manually upgrade to the latest version (6.1 as of now), which can be downloaded here and installed via the QNAP package manager.

Legacy Product

a SuperSync is heading towards legacy status. Due to limited demand for music collecting and other projects keeping our developers busy, SuperSync is no longer actively maintained or supported. Please use this product with care and at your own risk.

Trouble Shooting Guides

iTunes Troubleshooting - SuperSync and iTunes communications

AppleScript Troubleshooting - SuperSync AppleScript help

Server and Network Troubleshooting - SuperSync client/server troubleshooting

Network Drive Setup - Using iTunes and SuperSync with a network drive

Duplicates - Removing File Duplicates using SuperSync

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