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We get it. Your libraries are a mess. You just want them working.

Not to worry. We can help.

  • Analyze and Repair your library to add missing tracks and fix broken links
  • Consolate tracks into a master library
  • Download all tracks from iCloud
  • Upgrade tracks using iTunes Match
  • Test connectivity between other desktop SuperSync computers in your network.
  • Set up and verify port-forwarding for remote access to your music (optional)
  • Scan your library to find missing tracks not on disk or tracks that have not been added to iTunes
  • Identify and eliminate possible duplicates, file duplicates, and format duplicates
  • Identify partial albums, corrupt files, and other common music library problems
  • Maximize iTunes Match by identifying tracks that can be upgraded, downloaded, or safely removed
  • Update changes to your tracks meta data (rating, played counts, comments, etc.)

We'll schedule an iTunes expert to look at your iTunes remotely.


  • TeamViewer or installed on your primary iTunes library
  • Latest copy of SuperSync for Mac or Windows downloaded
  • Telephone near computer (or skype)
  • All media files backed up


We'll get your SuperSync up and running, check the passwords and security, and get your library scanned and show you where to begin on merging, removing duplicates, and general usage. For libraries under 10,000 tracks. Approximately 30 minutes of TeamViewer support to get you going in the right direction.

Approximately 45 minutes of phone support with TeamViewer. We can help you set up a master library on a computer (Mac/Windows) or NAS. Show you how to connect other computers in the house to it. Configure your router for port-forwarding (remote access) to your library. We'll use SuperSync to identify and remove file duplicates.

A full hour of phone and TeamViewer support over multiple sessions (if needed) to maximize your SuperSync. We'll have time to cover advanced topics such as iTunes Match, customized startup, massive library support, and more. If you own more than 100,000 tracks, or iTunes media is your passion, this is the best service for you.

These prices equate to approximately $175/hour for highest quality iTunes and SuperSync technical support. If we suspect that more time is required, we'll give you plenty of time to finish things on your own, or more time can be purchased. We try to be fair and won't charge you while we wait for songs to copy.

Get Started

To get started, purchase a service plan above by clicking on the icon. Get your system ready, install the latest TeamViewer, and we'll schedule a time that works for us.

Subject to availability. Your satisfaction is gauranteed.

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