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Repair your iTunes Libraries

  • Analyze and Repair your library to add missing tracks and fix broken links
  • Scan your library to find missing tracks not on disk or tracks that have not been added to iTunes
  • Identify and eliminate possible duplicates, file duplicates, and format duplicates
  • Identify partial albums, corrupt files, and other common music library problems
  • Maximize iTunes Match by identifying tracks that can be upgraded, downloaded, or safely removed
  • Update changes to your tracks meta data (rating, played counts, comments, etc.)

SuperSync helps you quickly find problems that exist in your iTunes library. One of the most common problems is duplicate tracks.

Remove Duplicates

SuperSync will automatically catalog your music library and find several types of duplicate files. Removing them can be done with a few keystrokes.

Fix Orphan Files

Any time a track gets moved, added, or deleted, there is a chance that your libraries may be out of sync with what is actually in the library.

SuperSync can rescan your library for missing tracks and tracks that are not in your library.

Update Meta Data

When you have music on two libraries, sometimes the meta data about the track, such as the artist name, played count, or title gets changed in one library and not the other. SuperSync can help you merge the meta data so it is the same on both libraries.


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