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SuperSync Music Player

SuperSync comes with a fully functional music player for any file currently in the local or remote libraries. Files that can be played are displayed in the main library viewer, regardless of their location or whether or not they have been synchronized.

The Player Toolbar

The player toolbar acts as a remote control for all of the music files displayed in the main library viewer. The following describes the different buttons on the player toolbar:

Player Toolbar

The speaker button launches a slider that controls the output volume of the player. The slider ranges from zero to 100, though it has no effect on the overall volume controlled by the system. Pressing cmd+up arrow or selecting Control > Volume Up increases the volume by an increment of five on the slider scale. Pressing cmd+down arrow or selecting Control > Volume Down decreases the volume by an increment of five on the slider scale.

The play button plays the current selected song. If several songs are selected, the player plays them in order. The player continues on to the next track in the library if a single song is selected; the player stops after playing multiple songs that are specifically selected. Songs can also be played by double-clicking on the title, by right-clicking and selecting Play, or selecting Play from the Action or the Control pull-down menus.

  • The next button fast-forwards to the next track in the library.
  • The previous button rewinds to the start of the track
  • The pause button pauses playback of the current song.
  • To start a new song, double click the song from the song list.

If SuperSync can't play your a file, it will be quietly skipped, rather than alerting you with an error dialog. This is a feature.

SuperSync cannot play movies files, m4v files, audio books, encrypted tracks, lossless AAC, files only on the cloud, and some other files. Cloud tracks must be downloaded before they can be played.

You can try re-encoding the track in another format if you like. Any player errors will be logged in the Log Window (cmdO) if the "Player" checkbox is checked.

If a file also does not play in iTunes, it may mean the file is corrupt, missing, or otherwise damaged.

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