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SuperSync is a powerful program and with power comes some complexity. Add to the mix networking issues, cross-platform issues, firewalls, and trying to visualize complex datasets, a learning curve is inevitable.

These guides are designed to help. Additional guides, tutorials, and support are located at the web site under support.

Trouble Shooting Guides

iTunes Troubleshooting - SuperSync and iTunes communications

Server and Network Troubleshooting - SuperSync client/server troubleshooting

Network Drive Setup - Using iTunes and SuperSync with a network drive

Performance Tips - Performance Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

A FAQ is available on the SuperSync web site.

Contact Support

We recommend sending bug reports and requests for assistance using the Tools: Send Suggestion or Bug Report from SuperSync. However, if you can't run the program or don't want to use that.. use the contact form on the SuperSync web site.

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