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Apple Mobile Device (iPod/iPhone/iPad) Access Troubleshooting

SuperSync includes a method of getting music, video, and playlists from your iPod, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch


First, you'll need SuperSync running and displaying a Local Library. If you're planning to synchronize playlists, you should already have your Local Library set up as an iTunes library.

Import Music from an iPod

  1. From the Remote menu, select "Connect to iPod/iPhone/iPad"
  2. Plug your iPhone or iPod or iPad into the computer running SuperSync via USB cable
  3. A progress dialog appears while looking for iPhones, iPod Touches, and regular iPods. If it does not show up, try disconnecting the iPod and reconnecting it.
  4. If you get an error message reading your iPod/iPhone library, please skip to "Getting Additional Help" below.
  5. For SuperSync to be able to connect to an iPod, the iPod must be plugged in and recognized as a removable disk volume. If it associates with iTunes or you tell it not to associate with iTunes, the volume may be unmounted and become unavailable to SuperSync.
  6. Tracks that are labeled are on your iPod, tracks labeled are in your local library, and tracks that are labeled are in both libraries.
  7. Select one or more tracks and click the "synchronize" button to copy the tracks to your local library.
  8. You can get playlists from the iOS device by selecting blue playlist(s) and clicking the "Get" button.
  9. When you are finished, be sure to close the iPod using the SuperSync Remote menu and select Close Remote Library.

Getting Additional Help

If you get errors importing your iTunes library, please let the us know. Please send a message to supersync at Include the file called last_ipod_db.dat located in the SuperSync settings directory. You can open the settings directory from SuperSync using Open Settings Directory from the Tools menu.

If you are still having problems, please let us know which of the steps you've gotten to work, and which ones aren't working, and which steps you have not tried.

An ideal help request is: Steps 1 through 4 seem to work, but, I don't see any blue tracks for step 5. Attached is my last_ipod_db.dat file. ! If we find a bug in our iPod code, we'll work on a fix and keep you posted of any beta versions available.

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