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Web Search launches a browser (or iTunes) window displaying additional information about a selected track.

To use the web search feature, select a track in SuperSync and then go to the Search menu and select the one the following searches:

  1. iTunes Store - Shop for more from this artist
  2. Amazon - Shop Amazon for music downloads, merchandise and more
  3. Google Music - Performs a google search tailored for music results
  4. LyricsWikia - See lyrics for a particular track
  5. YouTube - Searches for music videos and concert footage
  6. Wikipedia - Searches wikipedia for information about a title
  7. lastFM - A music recommendation service
  8. Pandora - A music discovery service
  9. Rhapsody - A subscription music service
  10. MusicBrainz - A croud-sourced wiki for music meta data

To quickly perform search, use the "Fkey" keyboard shortcuts to quickly go to popular music sites. For example, select a track and then use F1 key to search for more tracks from that artist in iTunes.

The search that is performed depends on the request, but usually involves searching on the artist, album, and or track title.

All searches are subject to site availability, internet access, and other factors. The list of searches available are subject to change in subsequent versions.

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