SuperSync runs on Mac, Windows, and selected NAS systems.

SuperSync for Mac OS X

SuperSync for Mac OS X systems.
OS X Intel.

License: Commercial Version: 7.0.9
Platform: Mac OS X 10.11 and newer Download for Newer MacOS
Platform: Mac OS X 10.10 and older Download for Older MacOS
  • Mac OS X 10.7 and up
  • Intel 64bit CPU
  • Memory: 400MB available RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 100MB free
  • Network Capabilities: Internet access for online features
  • Download SuperSync.dmg
  • Right-Click and "Open" the SuperSync.dmg
  • Drag SuperSync to the Applications directory
  • If you're using iTunes (not Music), go to iTunes Preferences: Advanced settings, enable Share iTunes Library XML with other applications
When run for the first time, you should see a security warning saying the Application is signed by a 3rd Party Apple Developer.

Uninstall: Drag the SuperSync application to the trash. Optionally, delete directory: ~/Library/Containers/com.supersync.supersync
SuperSync for Windows
License: Shareware Version: 7.0.9
Platform: Windows (64bit ONLY) Win Download
File Size: 59.24M
  • All Windows systems that support current version of iTunes.
  • Memory: 400MB RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 150MB free
  • Processor Speed: 800+ MHz CPU
  • Network Capabilities: Internet access for online features
  • In iTunes Preferences: Advanced settings, enable Share iTunes Library XML with other applications
  • Quit iTunes before installing or upgrading.
  • Install or update by running the digitally signed installer.
  • Uninstall by running Uninstall SuperSync
SuperSync for NAS
Supports Synology, ReadyNAS, S1Digital, VortexBox, and Amahi.
About SuperSync for NAS
License: Free Version: 7.0.1
Synology SuperSync-7.0.1.spk
Thecus SuperSync-7.0.1.mod
QNAP SuperSync-7.0.1.qpkg
Amahi - Install from the Package Manager
VortexBox - Install from the Package Manager
S1Digital - Pre-installed
Requireds Java 1.8 or higher. Synology users may need to change their Trust Level in Package Center to allow 'unsigned' packages to be installed.
Version 7.0 QNAP users need to access https://QNAP_HOST:5360 -- the clicking the SuperSync app launch icon doesn't appear to be working.

SuperSync Demo

The desktop SuperSync for Mac and Windows runs as a demo that will let you view your entire library (tested by users on over 100,000+ tracks). You'll be able to connect to a second library, such as a hard drive, NAS, another computer running SuperSync. From there you'll be able to transfer files, find problems with your library and much more.

This trial version of SuperSync lets access your music over a network and synchronize between two networked music libraries. The SuperSync demo will allow you to connect to other music libraries for viewing purposes, but you'll only be able to copy 25 tracks per session. (Quitting and restarting the application will let you copy another batch of 25 tracks.) The best way to use SuperSync is to run a copy on each each computer you have music on.

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