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    What is SuperSync?

    SuperSync is an application designed to compare and synchronize music libraries, ensuring that users will always have complete access to all of their own music. With SuperSync, music libraries can be accessed via the Internet anywhere, anytime, making it easier for users to manage multiple music libraries and stay organized. SuperSync's functionality allows users to play, add files, and synchronize their music wherever they may be, offering flexibility and freedom to the digital music world.

    Will SuperSync erase or alter my music files?

    No, SuperSync has no ability to edit or alter your files. A "Trash" feature lets you erase tracks you don't need anymore--but like all trash systems, you'll have to "empty" the trash to actually delete any files. However, care should be taken to make sure that if you have media on a remote disk that it is attached and working before running a local rescan to find missing tracks. Usually missing tracks should be deleted from iTunes, but this feature can be disabled if you have unavailable tracks in your library you'd like to keep.

    What can SuperSync transfer?

    SuperSync transfers most media types supported by iTunes. This includes, songs, movies and playlists. SuperSync supports three types of transfers. * Uploads - sending media from your local library to a remote library * Downloads - getting media from a remote library and adding it to your library (and iTunes) * Receiving - accepting music uploads from other SuperSync applications Ratings, playlists, and played counts can also be transferred.

    Does SuperSync contain spyware, adware, or any viruses?

    No, we take your privacy very seriously. The only network activity performed by SuperSync is an optional check for application updates. This function, performed at startup, can be disabled. None of your personal information is ever sent over a network. If you decide to enable the SuperSync server, it acts as a stand-alone server and its location is only broadcast locally (using Bonjour.) A feature in SuperSync lets you check your IP address and WAN connectivity. This is only available under the Tools menu and uses outside networking to determine whether your server is accessible from outside of a LAN. It's use is for testing purposes only and is completely optional.

    Can SuperSync be used to compare disk-based libraries?

    Yes, SuperSync can set your disk-based library as your remote (secondary) library and import music files from there.

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