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  • iPod, iPhone, iPad Access

    Can SuperSync read the library of an iPhone or iPod Touch?

    Yes. All available iPods (Nano, Touch, shuffle, etc.) and iPhones are readable, as far as we know. One exception is Macintosh formatted older generation iPods are not readable on a windows machine. You can also use your iPhone or iPod Touch to browse and play music from your SuperSync library. SuperSync includes a special web interface for iPhone and iPod Touch users. No iPhone app is required to be installed on your iPhone--just have it plugged into a Mac or PC running SuperSync.

    Do you have a troubleshooting guide that lists common problems or known issues?

    Yes, click here.

    What iPod, iPhone, iPad content can SuperSync sync?

    SuperSync reads the music library. Music files and movie files are readable. SuperSync cannot sync applications, ringtones, or images--you must use iTunes to sync or modify those.

    Can I sync apps with SuperSync?

    No... Due to restrictions in the Apple SDK, iPhone applications must be synchronized using iTunes.

    Can SuperSync read and write music or video files that are on my iPhone, iPod, or iPad?

    SuperSync can read music and video files (and playlists) from your Apple Mobile Device, but it cannot write to it.

    Are there any system requirements for iPod access?

    Apple Mobile Device access on Windows requires the .NET library to be installed.

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