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Access your iTunes libraries from Anywhere

  • Access your home iTunes library from anywhere
  • Upload and download songs, movies, and playlists over the Internet
  • Share a common library with multiple iTunes users on a network drive
  • Access your MP3 music files from any web browser--even on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  • Remotely access any of your music libraries without subscriptions or fees

Home Access

SuperSync gives you instant access to all the computers in your house or office that are running SuperSync. Each SuperSync can run as a server, so that any other computer on the network can connect, compare and merge music libraries. Password protection is used to keep your content secure.

Network Access

SuperSync lets you access your iTunes library from anywhere, using any computer that is on the internet.

When you're at work, you can get tracks and playlists from your home library. If you purchase new music while on the road, you can upload it to your home library from a laptop.

SuperSync's built-in network software lets you create a "master library" at home and access it from anywhere. No subscription or fees, just a computer that has a full-time high speed connection.

A link to our read-only demo library is available in SuperSync so you can connect to a server and see how it works. Select from the links page.. or select Connect to Server... in the Remote menu type the URL in manually.

Browser Access

SuperSync has a built-in web server that can serve up your music when you're browsing the web from another computer.

Try it yourself, using our demo server. This sample site works with the iPad, iPhone, and most modern web browsers. It supports most MP3 formats and some movie formats. Its a great way to see how your music can be accessed by a browser. Browser Demo

To set up your own library to access on the web, get a copy of SuperSync, enable the web server, and configure your router for WAN access.

Tivo Access

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