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    I can't connect to my SuperSync server! Why?

    Check for a personal firewall on both computers running SuperSync. This is the most common problem. You should also verify that the server is running on the machine you are trying to connect to. The lower-right footer status should say "Server Running" or you can look at the server status under the status menu. For testing, you can connect to your own SuperSync library by connecting to "localhost" -- and all tracks should turn green, indicating both libraries are the same.

    Can I use SuperSync to access my music library from outside my LAN?

    Yes, you can access (listen, upload, download music) from one SuperSync to another from anywhere on the Internet! As with any server, you will need to have a static IP address or port-forwarding set up. SuperSync includes a UPnP router configuration utility that can be enabled to set up your router for WAN access. Your may need an additional cable modem or DSL router and your ISP may not allow you to run a server, but usually its possible. See the port forwarding question further down the FAQ for more information.

    What network port does SuperSync use? What other ports are used?

    SuperSync uses TCP port 5360 by default and UDP port 5353 for finding other servers on the LAN. You can use any legal port you like however. Using a unique port for each computer on your LAN may help when multiple computers are on the same LAN and are using UPnP.

    My computer is on a private (DSL/Cable) network address -- where can I get information on port-forwarding, so I can access my music server from outside my home?

    SuperSync uses a single TCP port (5360 by default) for network access via the WAN. To make SuperSync accessible from behind a router, TCP port forwarding for that port must be sent to your SuperSync server. If you have a UPnP enabled router, the setup should be automatic if you enable the UPnP checkbox in the network settings. The page on has detailed instructions for setting up your router so you can externally access your music server. This is covered in more detail in the manual.

    Do I need a UPnP enabled router to use SuperSync?

    No- the UPnP support is only a convenient way to automatically enable "port-forwarding" so that you can access your media library from outside your LAN. If you do not have a UPnP router, you can still use SuperSync inside your LAN. You may also manually configure "port-forwarding" to enable WAN access to your media, see the question above.

    Do you have more information about getting the networking going?

    See our support guide, Network Troubleshooting

    Can people upload viruses or non-music files to my SuperSync server?

    Only files with music/video extensions are allowed to interact with your SuperSync server. We recommend using a strong password for your SuperSync server.

    What is the password that SuperSync is asking for? Can it be reset?

    You can reset the network password for each SuperSync server by going to the Preferences, select network preferences and re-entering a new password. Two passwords are used--one for read-only access, the other for 'upload' access.

    What are the default login credentials for SuperSync on NAS?

    The default login credentials for SuperSync on NAS are - Username/Password : admin/admin. The first time the user installs SuperSync on NAS, the default username and password should be used to access the SuperSync interface after the installation. The default credentials can be changed thereafter.

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