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    SuperSync doesn't launch on my Mac!?

    Make sure that you unzipped the SuperSync archive using Apple's BOM extractor or Stuffit Expander. Using some versions of "BetterZIP" creates problems with permissions that prevents SuperSync from running. If you upgraded to Java 6 preview or a 64bit JRE, you need to use Java 4 or 5 (here is why). You should be able to use the Java Preferences control panel to switch. Using a 32-bit JRE is required. Example error message from console/terminal: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /Applications/SuperSync To run SuperSync from the command line. Open from within the Applications/Utilities directory. cd "/Applications/SuperSync*.app/Contents/Resources/Java" sh Any error messages can be sent to us for help determining the problem.

    Is there a solution for OutOfMemoryException errors?

    If you have more than 100,000 tracks, you may start to see memory errors. SuperSync uses Java which requires a pre-defined amount of memory to use. This value should be less than the physical amount of RAM on a users machine. Therefore, we had to choose a value that wouldn't make the required memory for all uses be too high. Some users with exceptionally large music collections may see OutOfMemoryExceptions errors in their console window. If you do, and you have more than 512Mb system RAM, it is not difficult to increase the amount of memory allocated to SuperSync. Use the SuperSync System Status menu item (cmd-1) to see how much memory is allocated and in use. On a Mac, find the application file, right-click and choose Show Package Contents. Go to the Contents, and open the info.plist in a text editor. Search for -Xmx and change the number 400m to a bigger number, such as 760m. Save and restart the SuperSync application. On Windows, navigate to the Program Files/SuperSync directory. Edit the file SuperSync.vmoptions to adjust the maximum amount of memory used by SuperSync. Change the value 480 to a higher number (megabytes) that you want between 512 and 1600.

    Do you have pre-release or beta versions of SuperSync that I can try?

    Usually we do. Contact us and let us know you are interested in using our beta version. Let us know if you have concerns or what you'd like to see addressed.

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