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Trouble Shooting Guides

iTunes Troubleshooting - SuperSync and iTunes communications

AppleScript Troubleshooting - SuperSync AppleScript help

Server and Network Troubleshooting - SuperSync client/server troubleshooting

Network Drive Setup - Using iTunes and SuperSync with a network drive

iPod Access - Getting music from an iPod using SuperSync

Duplicates - Removing File Duplicates using SuperSync

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iTunes Specific Questions

License Questsions

Bugs, Errors, Known Issues

iPod, iPhone, iPad Access

Resend Serial Numbers

Paid for SuperSync but didn't get your codes or you misplaced them? No problem. SuperSync uses the email associated with your PayPal or Kagi account.

To resend your serial numbers, click here.

If you the above form does not work, or you no longer have access to the email account, drop us a note with your email used to purchase SuperSync, name, and any alternate email address you want the codes sent to. We will respond as soon as we can.

Contact Support

We recommend sending bug reports and requests for assistnace using the Tools: Send Suggestion or Bug Report from SuperSync. However, if you can't run the program or don't want to use that.. use our contact form.

Monday - Friday 9-5 PST (GMT-800)

(608) 561-SYNC

Call us at and we can help with basic questions about sales, licenses, and some types of usage questions.

Paid Support

For usage questions, best practices, networking setup, network attached storage (NAS) usage, firewall questions, and more, we offer paid technical support.


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