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Import Tracks from an Apple Mobile Device (iPod, iPhone, iPad)

SuperSync can transfer tracks from an iPod/iPhone/iPad to your Local Library even if the iDevice is not associated with the your computer. This is helpful if you're at work and want to move a track from home to your office and the iPod is associated with the iTunes at home. As one of the terms of using SuperSync, you may only use this feature to access music that you are legally allowed to copy.


To access your iDevice (iPod, iPhone, or iPad), connect your iDevice to your computer.

Next, in SuperSync, you can either:

  • select the Connect To Server command from the SuperSync Remote menu and then select the Read tracks and playlists from an iPod or iPhone (read-only) option. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the connection.

  • use the Connect to iPod/iPhone/iPad (H) command (in SuperSync's REMOTE Menu). This will immediately connect to the iDevice's library.

Once the iDevice is connected via SuperSync, its contents will appear side-by-side with your Local Library in the SuperSync Window. You can now proceed to the Syncing Your Libraries section in this manual.

Note: iPod/iPhone/iPad libraries are read-only. This means that you can transfer track from the iDevice to your computer but SuperSync cannot put tracks on the iDevice (only iTunes can do that).

Additional Info: Only video and audio files and playlists are available. Applications and other data are not accessible.

How to Import tracks and playlists from an iPod or iPhone

  1. Under the Remote Menu, select "Connect to iPod or iPhone..."
  2. Connect an iPod, iPad, or iPhone by USB. When found, your tracks should be loaded and the iPod library displayed.
  3. Tracks are color coded: gray Gray=Local Track, blue Blue=Remote Track, green Green=Synchronized (in both)
  4. Select one or more blue Blue Tracks and click Synchronize to copy tracks from the mobile device to your local music directory
  5. Select any Blue playlists from the Playlist Tree to and click "Get" synchronize the playlists.
  6. Close the Remote library when done from the Remote menu to disconnect the Apple mobile device.


If you experience problems connecting an iDevice via SuperSync, please visit the web site support pages. We have a troubleshooting guide that contains current information about connecting to an iPod and iPhone.

Note for older iPod users: SuperSync will need to mount your iPod's file system like a standard drive. If you formatted your iPod using a Macintosh, you may not be able to access it from a Windows machine and vice versa. If you need to access your iPod, you might try running SuperSync on a different platform.

Note for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad users: SuperSync for Windows requires the .NET framework to access your iDevice.

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