SuperSync Purchase Options

Purchase SuperSync and get both the Mac and Windows versions for up to 2, 5, or 10 computers and unlimited iOS devices.

We accept all kinds of payment options through our merchant partners PayPal and Kagi.

100% Risk Free Purchase

Check!Free online upgrades (for a minimum of 1 year)
Check!No hidden fees, required subscriptions, spyware, bundles, or ads
Check!Will work with all of your Macs, PC's and iOS devices
Check!Works as advertised or your money back

We recommend you purchase one license for each Mac or Windows computer you plan to use SuperSync on.

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Product name
SuperSync 2-Pak
SuperSync 5-Pak


SuperSync 10-Pak
The 5 & 10-paks are the better values -- you can divide the licenses among family and friends!

Activation Information

Registration codes are available immediately after purchase. Please copy or print the page with your order number and registration codes.

One license per computer, Mac or PC. Each code can be registered on twice, but each SuperSync needs a unique codes to talk to another SuperSync.

Registration codes are also sent by email within 2-3 minutes of receiving your order. Keep an eye out for your registration codes in an email message with the words "SuperSync" in the subject. If you have a very strict spam filter, allow email from supersync at gmail dot com. Check your spam directory.

Once you receive a PayPal or Kagi receipt, you can look up your registration codes by Transaction ID.

If you have any problems getting your registration codes, please let us know using the contact form. Please include an alternate email if possible.

For sales and registration issues, please feel free to contact us by phone.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We gaurantee your satisfaction and we'll refund you if you cannot get the product to work. Usually a review of the documentation and troubleshooting guides can help solve common problems.

Privacy Policy

A record of your order will be kept on file with a minimum of personal information so we know you've purchased our product and if you need your registration codes resent.
Kagi and PayPal have their own privacy policies.

Your street address will never be used for marketing purposes or for any unsolicited mail of any kind. We send all products electronically, so Kagi and PayPal use it to help verify your payment.

Your e-mail address will be treated in the same manner, with the exception of our newsletter, which is arguably a marketing tool (although the main intention is to notify registered users of upgrades and new products as a service to them). We will respect your desire to opt out of that, and you will not be added in the first place if you check the "opt-out" radio button when you pay at Kagi. The newsletter is very low-traffic; expect a mailing once or twice a year or less often. (So far we haven't sent a single newsletter!) We will only send you a message if we have good news to report, which usually means new features.

All of your personal information is completely private to us. We will never, ever, for any reason, sell or give away our customer list to anyone. Period. All email we receive from our customers is deleted after 3 months, and our support tickets are deleted after 12 months.

Our sales prices can and do change without notice.


Facebook users can get an instant coupon code on our Supersync Fan Page by clicking on the coupon link.

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