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Color Settings

Preferences Color

SuperSync has color themes that you can choose. The following choices are available.

Cool cool
Metallic metalic

The Song Table Colors checkboxes enable or disable highlighting the entire line in the main viewer window when the song meets the specific criteria. If checked, synchronized tracks will alternate between two light shades of green. If a (non-synchronized) remote track, tracks will be highlighted in two alternating shades of blue.

The Show illegal file names in red, when selected will display those file names that may cause problems on the file system in red.

illegal chars

Windows' file system has restrictions on the types of characters that can be used in its file/directory names. These restrictions can cause problems when transferring files from a a Mac to a Windows computer since Macs don't have the same restrictions.

In most cases, SuperSync will take care of using and creating appropriate file/directory names but you may run into cases where file/directory names might be an issue.

These file names should be correctly handled by SuperSync. However, if your songs/tracks are not being properly copied between your libraries displaying and correcting these file names may correct the problem.

For example, you may have the artist "AC\DC" in your library. On Mac, that's a fine name for a directory. On Windows, it means a directory called DC inside the AC directory. Numerous other file name restrictions exist, including, two spaces in a row in a file name, names starting or ending with space or period. In windows, the maximum length for an entire file path, including hard drive volume, all directories, and file name is 256 characters. On a Mac, each directory can be 256 characters, which can make for some really long file names. To be safe, SuperSync always saves files in a format that will be easy to move to a Windows or Mac system. The side effect is that a Mac directory called "AC\DC" will always be copied to a directory named AC_DC. Other illegal file characters include:

: \ / | * ? > < "

The Restore Defaults button reverts back to the default setting of each preference.
The Apply button immediately saves any changes that may have been made in this tab.

The Cancel button cancels any changes made in this tab and closes this window.
The OK button saves any changes made in this tab and closes this window.

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