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At home. At work. On the laptop. On your iPod/iPhone. If you're like most people, your music follows you wherever you go. But what happens when you want to play a song on your computer, only to discover that it's stored on a different machine?

SuperSync acts as your music collection’s central hub, retrieving, organizing, and syncing up all of the different files across your machines for one consistent, complete library. With SuperSync's built-in client/server software, you'll be able to instantly retrieve a song you left on your laptop, play a song from your home computer while you're at the office, or copy your entire music library on to a new computer. When you download SuperSync, you get:

  • An all-access pass to your library: Tired of burning songs to a CD or emailing files to yourself just so you can listen to them? That's a thing of the past with SuperSync's library sync-up technology!
  • Easily compare and merge two iTunes libraries. See what tracks are missing, select them, and click "Synchronize" to begin merging the two libraries.
  • A basic audio player: Organize, sync-up, and play all of your songs directly from SuperSync -- no external player required for MP3/M4A music files.
  • iTunes compatibility: SuperSync supports both MP3 and iTunes (.M4A) song formats, including an iTunes compatible network jukebox that lets you listen to your SuperSync library from any local iTunes. M4B files (protected by Apple's DRM technology) can be transfered by SuperSync but needs to be played on your iTunes or iPod. (SuperSync does not alter or remove any iTunes Music Store DRM copyright protection.)
  • Complete back-up functionality: Quickly and easily create a back-up library on a separate computer.
  • Transfer playlists, ratings, played counts... Plus movies, tv shows, and other iTunes content.

SuperSync offers you the flexibility and freedom to carry all your songs with you, whether you're on the go, visiting a friend, or on vacation. Best of all, it's easy to download and simple to use, meaning that in just a few minutes, you can sync your music library and enjoy your favorite music anywhere you are. Download the demo version, purchase the full version, or read the SuperSync FAQ.

About the Demo

A demo version is available for download. Please give it a try!

The demo version is useful by itself--you can use it to:

  • Automatically view your entire music library
  • Find file duplicates, possible duplicates, and potentially bad file names
  • Rescan your iTunes library to find missing tracks, modified tracks, and new tracks
  • Open a second music library and compare the two open libraries
  • Connect to another SuperSync and compare/merge the two libraries
  • Intelligently move music from one library to another
  • Access your home library via a web browser while on the road
  • Upload, download, or play your media files and playlists from anywhere

The demo version is limited in the following ways:

  • Only the first 25 transfers are allowed of each kind -- 25 downloads, 25 uploads, and receiving 25 tracks.
  • The music player is disabled in the demo version
  • Passwords are required for the server
  • Additional alert dialogs come up when you run into limitations of the demo (sorry, they're supposed to be a little bit annoying.)

We've priced SuperSync affordably so it can be used on all of your computers.

SuperSync Library Types and Capabilities

SuperSync has multiple ways to connect to various libraries and devices.








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  1. Use SuperSync to play (AAC and MP3) tracks, compare two music libraries over a network, and synchronize individual tracks* and playlists**.
  2. Import tracks and playlists from any iPod or iPhone.
  3. Access the tracks and playlists on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Also, listen to MP3 tracks on any SuperSync server using the built-in web server.
  4. Access your MP3's and playlists from your Tivo on your LAN.
  5. Import or export tracks to and a disk drive or other computer media. Merge the contents of any two music libraries.
  6. From any modern web browser (Firefox, Safari, Explorer) access your Mp3's using the Adobe Flash interface

* Tracks are music and video files that are supported by iTunes, iPods, and iPhones.
** Playlists refer to regular playlists. Smart playlists are not currently supported by Apple's 3rd-party API so SuperSync is unable to synchronize them.
*** Compatible NAS system running SuperSync

SuperSync works best when you connect two computers, both running iTunes and SuperSync over a network. However, SuperSync also contains some other powerful features.

Web Server: The built-in web server can be used to view and play mp3 files from any modern web browser. A special iPhone version of the browser is also available to allow iPhone and iPod Touch users to listen to their music.

iPods and iPhone content (video and music files) can be downloaded directly into your local library using SuperSync.

What Users Are Saying

“Great tool! Best regards from Germany!” - J. Hagen.

“I am a DJ, and this program has been invaluable to me for updating my music database. I am using the server to keep a master library of all my music. Thank you!” -Terry J.

“SuperSync is a pretty great product so far.  I was able to delete all the music from my laptop and have it all transfered to my home iMac - and now I can stream my music from work and have 30gigs free on my laptop!!.” -Shawn C.

“Prayer answered! I have several different iTunes Libraries on an external drive. I'm going on a trip and now I want to combine music, movies & podcasts from several libraires. SuperSync came around at the perfect time - just 3 days before my trip! It's amazing, it doing exactly what I needed a program to do - help me to combine the media I want for my iPod & still maintain different iTunes libraries. I LOVE IT! Thanks SuperSync!!” - Sandra

“Before SuperSync, my digital life was a total disaster.  I never knew which of my computers had the music file I wanted to listen to.  Now I can have all my music where I want it, when I want it.  Thanks SuperSync!” - Dan K. - Denver, CO.

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