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SuperSync 7.0 has been released to address Apple's discontinuation of iTunes on Mac. Note: Due to cloud-based music services, SuperSync is approaching legacy status. It should be used by DJ's and music collectors. SuperSync 7 supports Apple's Music app, but some features may be missing or broken. As always, read warning messages carefully and proceed slowly with synching libraries until you're satisfied things are doing what you expect.
SuperSync does not offer tech support, so please test out the trial version before purchasing. Thanks for the many years of suport.

Tame Your Music Libraries

SuperSync is a professional-quality music library management solution that’s perfect for DJs, audiophiles, music collectors, video mavens, and anyone for whom music and video are major parts of their digital life. SuperSync seamlessly and intuitively lets you compare, organize, merge, and manage music libraries across all of your Macs, PCs, and NAS devices. With SuperSync, it’s fast, easy and intuitive.

“SuperSync one-ups iTunes by synching iTunes libraries over the Internet. It’s perfect for anyone who uses multiple Macs, and SuperSync also has a bunch of other tricked-out features ... SuperSync will even allow you to sync libraries cross-platform.”

“The arduous task of keeping your iTunes library in sync across multiple Macs (and PCs) has gotten easier.”

“SuperSync is a breeze to install and set-up. SuperSync does have lots of options, and you'll need to spend some time in the app to understand how to tap its full potential. But once you do, you'll be impressed with how much you can accomplish.”

Big League Features and Capabilities.

SuperSync gives you all the features and capabilities you need to seamlessly and effortlessy manage your media libraries, regardless of how many you have or how large they are. With SuperSync, it’s a breeze. Check out these world-class features.


Your music, your way, anywhere, anytime.

With SuperSync, you have access to all your music and videos via an Internet connection. No matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, you have access to your iTunes/Music libraries.

Optimized for Apple's Music (new for Catalina) and older iTunes libraries

Access your home media library from anywhere

Upload and download songs, movies, and playlists over the Internet

Access your library's MP3 files and playlists

Share a common library with multiple users on a network drive

Access your MP3 music files from any web browser--even on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Remotely access any of your music libraries without subscriptions or fees


Organize to your heart’s content.

SuperSync's unique library viewer lets you see two libraries at the same time. With just a glance, you can easily tell if a track is in your local Music library, a remote iTunes library, or synchronized and in both iTunes libraries just by looking at the tracks color coding.

Visually compare and merge any two libraries on Mac OS X, Windows, and NAS

Move music, videos, and playlists from one iTunes library to another

Import media from a hard drive, Apple mobile device, or network drive

Get just the files you want and without duplicates

Easily move your music library from Windows to Mac, Mac to Windows, or any combination


Lyrics, news, and more all at your fingertips.

With just a touch of a function key or a web search action, SuperSync lets you discover more about your music through Google Music, LyricsWikia, YouTube, lastFM, Pandora, Rhapsody, and more.

Search the web for lyrics to any song in your library

Show music videos and other YouTube content for any track

Easily browse for new music on iTunes and Amazon

And much more—all with a single keystroke


Get more from iTunes Match and iCloud.

With SuperSync, you’ll enjoy more functionality from iTunes Match. You can easily consolidate libraries, remove duplicates, access your library from more computers, match more tracks, and upgrade the bitrates of matched tracks.

Maximize iTunes Match and iCloud services

View tracks that can be upgraded, downloaded or
have errors

Learn the secret of matching unmatched songs

Upgrade tracks to the highest bitrates


An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure.

With SuperSync, you’ll quickly find problems that exist in your iTunes libraries, like duplicate tracks, orphaned files, corrupt files, and more. SuperSync takes care of them all.

Analyze and repair your iTunes libraries to add missing tracks, as well as fix broken links

Scan your library to find missing tracks not on disk or tracks that have not been added to iTunes

Identify and eliminate possible duplicates, file duplicates, and format duplicates

Identify partial albums, corrupt files, and other common music library problems

Maximize iTunes Match by identifying tracks that can be upgraded, downloaded, or safely removed

Update changes to your tracks meta data (rating, played counts, comments, etc.)


Keep your iTunes libraries safe and sound.

With SuperSync, back up your iTunes libraries into accessable and portable music libraries that you can conveniently transport to another computer. SuperSync makes the process super easy and intuitive.

Quickly and safely back up yuor iTunes music, videos, and playlists to any computer running SuperSync

Easily move your music library from Windows to Mac, Mac to Windows, or any combination

Intelligently import media from a hard drive, Apple mobile device, or network drive

Export all or a subset of your library as a well-organized directory of tracks


See the amazing SuperSync in action.


SuperSync provides ...

Unlimited synchronizing

Duplicate removal

Music library repair

Unlimited networking access

Free product updates

Satisfaction guarantee

Even includes an integrated music player

SuperSync is only $22.95 for two computers, $29.95 for up to five computers, and $39.95 for up to ten computers, Mac or Windows.

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